The Wichita Public Schools Computers for Success program is an effort to provide a computer to middle and high school students who do not have one in their home.

Making a Difference

This program provides a benefit for Wichita Public Schools (USD 259) students, the community and our partners.

Young man on computer

• For Students - Students can use the computer for education,
 entertainment which is educational in nature and for doing their  

• For the Community - The community as a whole, will benefit with   
 more students and their families having a working PC at home.
 Students will make the connection people care about them.

• For our Partners - Our partners will benefit knowing that they have
 assisted students with a PC, plus provide a Green alternative through
 refurbishing a PC, that might have been tossed away.

• A nominal fee is charged per computer.

How the program started
It began with a volunteer in approximately 2000, and has since provided a number of donated computers to socioeconomically disadvantaged students.
We are currently installing Open Source software and an Operating System (OS) on all computers. The software is Open Office and the OS is Linux based and called Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Long Term Support).

The program brings a Green awareness by refurbishing computers
instead of recycling them. This minimizes the impact on landfills with electronic waste by transferring the ownership to students and their families.
Protecting Your Privacy
If you donate your computer, we protect your privacy by deleting all personal data on the hard drive. The hard drive space is overwritten multiple times to a Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M) standard. This ensures that proprietary information remains unrecoverable.  
Drives that are failing or nonfunctional will not be refurbished. They are destroyed through a destruction process. The destruction process ensures each drive is properly destroyed by a hard drive punch press insuring that the drive is deemed unusable.
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For More Information
If you would like to learn more about the Computers for Success program or would like to donate your computer, please call (316) 973-4224; email or visit our Web site:, on left side click: Get Involved, then select: Computers for Success.

Program Components
1. USD 259’s computers will be refurbished and prepared for
                • Computers are cleaned (inside and out);               
                • The hard drive is overwritten multiple times to a Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M) standard;
                • Operating system software is installed, typically Ubuntu 10.04 LTS;
                • Open Office is installed so they can create documents, spreadsheets, and presentation files;
2. Students will meet the following criterion:
                • USD 259 students from 6th to 12th grade levels
                • No computer in the home
                • Post secondary ambitions
                • Socioeconomically disadvantaged
3. Records of donated computers are created and maintained.
4. Nominal training and instruction is provided upon request.       
                Training includes set-up and operation of a computer (includes
                learning to use the Internet and establishing parental controls to
                limit access to prohibited Web sites).

Computers Wanted
We hope that through this program, local businesses, corporations and residents upgrading their personal computers will consider donating their retired models.
Laptop Computers
Due to the desire for operating system uniformity and reasonable speeds, the following minimum hardware configurations for donated computers have been established for the following school year:
                • Minimum Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
                • 1 GB of RAM memory
                • 80 GB hard drive
                • Laptops preferred

Local Businesses who have supported this program
We would like to acknowledge our partners for being very helpful by providing assistance, computers and other equipment to the students in our community.
                • Cox Communications
                • Grene Vision
                • High-Touch
                • ICM
                • KSDE
                • Woolsey Operating Co. LLC
                • United Way of the Plains

Please encourage your friends, neighbors and business associates to contribute their computers to the program.
Contact Information
                • Call: (316) 973-4224
                • Email: or
                • Visit our Web site:,
                   on left side click: Get Involved,
                   then select: Computers for Success.

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